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This website only lists information on modern-day comets and meteor showers. The book, however, thoroughly investigates how specific ancient impacts and near misses changed religious beliefs around the world.

List of Non Periodic Comets

List of Non Periodic Comets


List of Non Periodic Comets

After its first observation, a comet is assigned a name by The International Astronomical Union. For example, Comet ISON is named C/2012 S1. Once the time it takes Comet ISON to orbit the Sun has been confirmed by multiple returns to the inner solar system, C/2012 S1 will be assigned a "P"eriodic name (1P/Halley, 2P/Encke...296P/LINEAR). Would you like more information on how comets are named?


Between one hundred billion and two trillion comets are thought to exist in our solar system. As of April 18, 2015, only 3,845 comets have been observed. Our goal is to list information about each comet on this wesbite, and advance the public awareness of comets.


If you click on a column header below (i.e. formal name, informal name, discovery date, next perihelion), you can sort each column's contents alphabetically or numerically. If you click the column header twice, you can list the contents in reverse order. Please understand it is a work in progress. Our List of Periodic Comets is more complete and is sortbale by name, discovery date, next perihelion, orbital period, and diameter.


Formal Name Informal Name Discovery



C/2013 P2 Comet PanSTARRS 2013/07/26 2014/02/17
C/2012 X1 Comet LINEAR 2012/12/08 2014/02/21
C/2002 R5 Comet SOHO 2002/09/05 2014/03/15
C/2013 G7 Comet McNaught 2013/04/13 2014/03/16
C/2003 Q1 Comet SOHO 2003/08/20 2014/03/22
C/1996 X5 Comet SOHO 1996/12/05 2014/04/09
C/2003 Q6 Comet SOHO 2003/08/26 2014/04/14
C/1996 X3 Comet SOHO 1996/12/05 2014/04/15
C/2002 S4 Comet SOHO 2002/09/17 2014/08/23
C/2012 U1 Comet PanSTARRS 2012/12/17 2014/07/05
C/2013 P4 Comet PanSTARRS 2013/08/15 2014/08/08
C/2012 K8 Comet Lemmon 2012/05/30 2014/08/19
C/2012 K1 Comet PanSTARRS 2012/05/14 2014/08/27
C/2013 A1 Comet Siding Spring 2013/01/03 2014/10/25    
C/2013 G3 Comet PanSTARRS 2013/04/10 2014/11/10
C/2013 P3 Comet Palomar 2013/08/08 2014/11/23
C/2013 G9 Comet Tenagra 2013/04/15 2015/01/13
C/2008 QP2 Comet LINEAR-Hill 2003/04/24   2015/05/17
C/2012 F3 Comet PANSTARRS 2008/11/30 2015/04/01
C/2013 C2 Comet Tenagra 2013/02/14 2015/08/31
C/1999 U2 Comet SOHO 1999/10/24   2015/12/03
C/2007 VA85 Comet 2007 VA85 2007/07/28 2016/04/04
C/2013 X1 Comet PanSTARRS 2016/04/19
C/2012 U68 Comet 2012 U68 2016/05/21
C/2011 KP36 Comet Spacewatch 2016/05/26
C/2014 B1 Comet Schwartz 2017/06/21
C/-43 K1 Comet Caeser (Caesar's Comet) -44/05/18
C/0240 V1 Great Comet of 240 240/11/10
C/0390 Q1 Great Comet of 390 390/08/21
C/0400 F1 Great Comet of 400 400/03/18
C/0442 V1 Great Comet of 442 442/11/09
C/0565 O1 Great Comet of 565 565/07/22
C/0568 O1 Great Comet of 568 568/07/28
C/0770 K1 Great Comet of 770 770/05/25
C/1106 C1 Great Comet of 1106 1106/02/02
C/1132 T1 Great Comet of 1132 1132/10/03
C/1240 B1 Great Comet of 1240 1240/01/27
C/1264 N1 Great Comet of 1264 1264/07/17
C/1402 D1 Great Comet of 1402 1402/02/08
C/1468 S1 Great Comet of 1468 1468/09/18
C/1471 Y1 Great Comet of 1471 1471/12/25
C/1532 R1 Great Comet of 1532 1532/09/02
C/1533 M1 Great Comet of 1533 1533/06/27
C/1556 D1 Great Comet of 1556 1556/02/27
C/1577 V1 Great Comet of 1577 1577/11/01
C/1618 W1 Great Comet of 1618 1618/11/16
C/1652 Y1 Comet can Riebeeck 1652/12/17
C/1664 W1 Great Comet of 1664 1664/11/17
C/1668 E1 Great Comet of 1668 1668/03/03
C/1680 V1 Comet Kirch 1680/11/14
C/1686 R1 Comet van der Stel-1 1686/08/12
C/1689 X1 Comet van der Stel-2 1689/11/24
C/1702 H1 Comet Bianchini-Maraldi 1702/04/20
C/1729 P1 Comet Sarabat 1729/08/01
C/1743 X1 Comet Klinkenberg–de Chéseaux 1743/12/09
C/1746 P1 Comet de Chéseaux 1746/08/13
C/1760 A1 Great Comet of 1760 1760/01/07
C/1769 P1 Comet Messier (Napolean's Comet) 1769/08/24
C/1771 A1 Great Comet of 1771 1771/01/09
C/1783 X1 Great Comet of 1783 1783/12/15
C/1807 R1 Great Comet of 1807 1807/09/09
C/1811 F1 Great Comet of 1811 1811/04/11
C/1819 N1 Great Comet of 1819 1819/07/01
C/1823 Y1 Great Comet of 1823 1823/12/24
C/1825 N1 Comet Pons 1825/07/18
C/1830 F1 Great Comet of 1830 1830/03/16
C/1831 A1 Great Comet of 1831 1831/01/07
C/1843 D1 Great Comet of 1843 1843/02/05
C/1844 Y1 Great Comet of 1844 1844/12/17
C/1845 L1 Great Comet of 1845 1845/06/02
C/1847 C1 Comet Hind 1847/02/06
C/1847 T1 Comet Mitchell 1847/10/01
C/1853 L1 Comet Klinkerfues 1853/06/11
C/1858 L1 Comet Donati 1858/08/20
C/1860 M1 Great Comet of 1860 1860/06/18
C/1861 G1 Comet Thatcher 1861/04/05
C/1861 J1 Great Comet of 1861 1861/05/13
C/1865 B1 Great Comet of 1865 1865/01/17
C/1874 H1 Comet Coggia 1874/04/17
C/1880 C1 Great Comet of 1880, Southern 1880/02/01
C/1882 R1 Great Comet of 1882 1882/09/01
C/1887 B1 Great Comet of 1887 1887/01/18
C/1901 G1 Great Comet of 1901 1901/04/23
C/1910 A1 Great Comet of 1910 1910/01/13
C/1911 O1 Comet Brooks 1911/07/21      
C/1911 S3 Comet Beljawsky 1911/09/29      
C/1941 B2 Comet de Kock–Paraskevopoulos 1941/01/15      
C/1961 R1 Comet Humason 1961/09/01      
C/1927 X1 Comet Skjellerup–Maristany 1927/11/27      
C/1947 X1 Comet Great Southern Comet 1947/12/07      
C/1948 V1 Eclipse Great Comet of 1948 1948/11/01      
C/1957 P1 Comet Mrkos 1957/07/29      
C/1960 S1 Comet D/van Houten (1960 S1) 1960/09/24
C/1961 O1 Comet Wilson–Hubbard 1961/07/23      
C/1962 C1 Comet Seki–Lines 1962/02/04      
C/1965 S1 Comet Ikeya-Seki 1965/10/03      
C/1965 R1 Comet Arend-Roland 1965/11/08      
C/1969 Y1 Comet Bennett 1969/12/28      
C/1970 K1 Comet White–Ortiz–Bolelli 1970/05/18      
C/1973 E1 Comet Kohoutek 1973/03/07      
C/1975 V1 Comet West 1975/08/10      
C/1980 E1 Comet Bowell 1980/02/11      
C/1983 H1 Comet Iras-Araki-Alcock        
C/1983 F1 Comet Sugano-Saigusa-Fujikawa        
C/1983 O1 Comet Cernis        
C/1984 N1 Comet Austin        
C/1984 U2 Comet Shoemaker        
C/1984 V1 Comet Levy-Rudenko        
C/1985 R1 Comet Hartley-Good        
C/1985 T1 Comet Thiele        
C/1987 P1 Comet Bradfield        
C/1988 A1 Comet Liller        
C/1989 A1 Comet Aarseth-Brewington        
C/1989 K1 Comet Levy        
C/1989 Q1 Comet Okazaki-Levy-Rudenko        
C/1989 X1 Comet Austin 1989/12/06      
C/1989 Y1 Comet Skorichenko–George        
C/1993 Y1 Comet McNaught-Russell 1993/12/17      
C/1995 O1 Comet Hale-Bopp 1995/07/23      
C/1996 B2 Comet Hyakutake 1996/01/31    
C/1997 L1 Comet Zhu–Balam 1997/06/03      
C/1998 U3 Comet Jäger        
C/1999 F1 Comet Catalina 1999/03/23      
C/1999 H1 Comet Lee      
C/1999 S4 Comet LINEAR      
C/1999 T1 Comet McNaught-Hartley      
C/2000 U5 Comet LINEAR 2000/10/29      
C/2000 W1 Comet Utsunomiya-Jones 2000/11/18      
C/2001 A2 Comet LINEAR 2001/08/24      
C/2001 Q4 Comet NEAT 2001/08/24      
C/2001 Q6 Comet NEAT        
C/2001 RX14 Comet LINEAR        
C/2002 F1 Comet Utsunomiya 2004/04/12      
C/2002 O4 Comet Hönig        
C/2002 T7 Comet LINEAR        
C/2002 V1 Comet NEAT 2002/11/06      
C/2004 F4 Comet Bradfield 2004/04/12      
C/2004 Q2 Comet Machholz 2004/08/27      
C/2006 A1 Comet Pojmański 2006/01/02      
C/2006 M4 Comet SWAN 2006/06/20      
C/2006 P1 Comet McNaught 2006/08/07    
C/2006 U1 Comet LINEAR 2006/10/19
C/2006 VZ13 Comet LINEAR
C/2006 W3 Comet Christensen
C/2008 S3 Comet Boattini 2006/12/27
C/2007 F1 Comet LONEOS 2007/03/19      
C/2007 N3 Comet Lulin 2007/07/11      
C/2007 Q3 Comet Siding-Spring        
C/2007 W1 Comet Boattini 2007/11/20      
C/2008 FK75 Comet Lemmon-Siding Spring      
C/2008 Q1 Comet Matičič 2008/08/18      
C/2009 P1 Comet Garradd 2008/09/27
C/2009 F4 Comet McNaught 2009/03/19 
C/2009 F6 Comet Yi-SWAN 2009/03/26      
C/2009 K3 Comet Beshore 2009/05/26
C/2009 S3 Comet Lemmon 2009/09/24
C/2009 Y1 Comet Catalina 2009/12/17
C/2010 B1 Comet Cardinal 2010/01/19  
C/2010 G2 Comet Hill 2010/04/10
C/2010 M1 Comet Gibbs 2010/06/22
C/2010 R1 Comet LINEAR 2010/09/04
C/2011 R1 Comet McNaught 2010/10/11  
C/2010 V1 Comet Ikeya-Murakami 2010/12/10      
C/2010 X1 Comet Elenin 2010/12/10      
C/2011 C1 Comet McNaught      
C/2011 L3 Comet McNaught      
C/2011 O1 Comet LINEAR 2011/05/23  
C/2011 Q2 Comet McNaught 2011/08/26 
C/2011 U2 Comet Bressi 2011/10/24  
C/2012 L1 Comet LINEAR
C/2011 L4 Comet PANSTARRS 2011/06/06      
C/2011 U2 Comet Bressi 2011/10/24  
C/2011 W3 Comet Lovejoy 2011/11/27  
C/2012 E2 Comet SWAN 2012/03/15    
C/2012 F1 Comet LINEAR
C/2012 L1 Comet LINEAR
C/2012 L2 Comet LINEAR
C/2012 K5 Comet LINEAR
C/2012 F6 Comet Lemmon 2012/03/23  
C/2012 S1 Comet ISON 2012/09/21 2013/11/28    
C/2012 A1 Comet PanSTARRS 2011/06/11 2013/12/02
C/2011 J2 Comet LINEAR 2011/03/10 2013/12/25
C/2013 R1 Comet Lovejoy 2013/09/09 2013/12/25




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