You can now buy the recently released book, Fall of a Thousand Suns: How Near Misses and Comet Impacts affected the Religious Beliefs of our Ancestors. It is available through iBooks and Amazon.


This website only lists information on modern-day comets and meteor showers. The book, however, thoroughly investigates how specific ancient impacts and near misses changed religious beliefs around the world.

Comets in 2018


Between one hundred billion and two trillion comets are thought to exist in our solar system. As of April 18, 2015, only 3,845 comets have been observed and named. Let's take a closer look at some comets that may be visible to the naked eye in 2018 or are otherwise newsworthy.



Comet Wirtanen    
According to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, on December 16, 2018, Comet Wirtanen will pass 0.0777 AU (7,220,000 miles, 11,620,000 kilometers) from Earth. For reference the average distance between the Moon and Earth is .0024 AU. Don Yeomans and Paul Chodas, of JPL, have identified Comet Wirtanen as one of the comets to pass closest to Earth between 2000 and 2200 CE.
SOHO Comets    

In 2018, dozens of tiny comets will closely orbit the Sun. Most are Kreutz Sungrazers, an ancient comet that fragmented thosands of years ago and is widely considered to be the largest comet to ever enter the inner solar system. As Fall of a Thousand Sun proves, its appearance made quite an impression on our ancestors.






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