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Comets in 2015

Between one hundred billion and two trillion comets are thought to exist in our solar system. As of April 18, 2015, only 3,845 comets have been observed and named. Let's take a closer look at some comets that may be visible to the naked eye in 2015 or are otherwise newsworthy.



Comet Pons-Winnecke    
Pons-Winnecke is a Near Earth Comet (NEC). In 1927, Pons-Winnecke was .0394 AU from Earth. That's roughly fifteen times the distance between the Earth and the Moon. It will be the first comet to reach perihelion in 2015.
Comet d'Arret    
This comet was discovered and recorded by Heinrich Ludwig d' Arrest in Leipzig, Germany on June 28, 1851. It was the sixth comet to have its periodic orbit determined and therefore received the formal name of 6D/d'Arrest. This comet only has an orbital period of 6.54 years, so we won't have to wait too long for this comet after 2015.
Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko    
In November 2014, The European Space Agency plans to release a lander, called Philae, from its Rosetta Spacecraft. The lander will attach to the surface of Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. It will study the comet before, during, and after its closet approach to the Sun on August 13, 2015.
SOHO Comets    

Dozens of tiny comets will closely orbit the Sun in 2015. The vast majority will die in its corona or on its surface. Only space observatories using coronagraphs, like SOHO, will be able to observe these comets. The general public has access to SOHO's movies and images, and can attempt to discover comets in 2015.





A List of all Comets that reached Perihelion in 2015

All comets no matter how faint, provided they experienced their perihelion in 2015, are listed below alongside the day of discovery, perihelion, orbital period, diameter and apparent magnitude. Each column is sortable. Simply click on the arrows at the top of each column.




Formal Name Informal Name Discovery







C/2013 G9 Comet Tenagra 2013/04/15 2015/01/13
201P/LONEOS Comet LONEOS 2001/08/09 2015/01/14 6.47
D/1886 K1 Comet Brooks 1886/05/25 2015/01/21 5.44
7P/Pons-Winnecke Comet Pons-Winnecke 1819/06/12 2015/01/30 6.37 5.2 km
P/2005 Q4 Comet LINEAR 2005/08/31 2015/02/16
6P/d'Arrest Comet d'Arrest 1851/06/28 2015/03/02 6.54 3.2 km
D/1884 O1 Comet Barnard 1884/07/24 2015/03/13 5.38
P/2008 WZ96 Comet LINEAR 2008/11/30 2015/03/25
C/2012 F3 Comet PANSTARRS 2008/11/30 2015/04/01
88P/Howell Comet Howell 1981/08/29 2015/04/06 5.5 4.4 km
42P/Neujmin 3  Comet Neujmin 3  1929/08/02 2015/04/08 10.71 2.2 km
P/2006 S6 Comet Hill 2006/08/29 2015/04/18
P/1997 T3 Comet Lagerkvist-Carsenty 1997/10/05 2015/05/08
C/2008 QP20 Comet LINEAR-Hill 2003/04/24   2015/05/17
57P/duToit-Neujmin-Delporte Comet duToit-Neujmin-Delporte 1941/07/18 2015/05/22 6.42
P/2009 Q4 Comet Boattini 2009/08/26 2015/06/13
P/2010 B2 Comet WISE 2010/01/22 2015/06/13
P/2012 F5 Comet Gibbs 2009/09/17 2015/06/13
P/2009 WX51 Comet Catalina 2009/11/22 2015/06/25
P/2008 S1 Comet Catalina-McNaught 2008/05/02   2015/07/01
P/2004 FY140 Comet LINEAR 2004/03/27 2015/07/24
P/2004 R1 Comet McNaught 2004/09/02 2015/08/12
P/2010 K2 Comet WISE 2010/05/27   2015/08/13
P/2009 L2 Comet Yang-Gao 2009/06/15   2015/08/15
P/1999 R1 Comet SOHO 1991/09/04 2015/09/04
P/1999 J6 Comet SOHO 1999/05/10   2015/09/26
P/2001 H5 Comet NEAT 2001/03/20 2015/10/21
P/2007 V2 Comet Hill 2007/10/14 2015/10/23
P/1994 N2 Comet McNaught-Hartley 1994/07/05 2015/10/24
22P/Kopff Comet Kopff 1906/08/22 2015/10/25 6.45 3.0 km
P/2005 RV25 Comet LONEOS-Christensen 2005/09/11 2015/10/28
P/2008 Y2 Comet Gibbs 2008/12/01 2015/11/06
10P/Tempel 2 Comet Tempel 2 1873/07/03 2015/11/14 5.38 10.6 km
P/2010 R2 Comet La Sagra 2010/08/12 2015/11/30
P/2003 WC7 Comet LINEAR-Catalina 2003/11/18   2015/12/04
P/2002 Q1 Comet Van Ness 2002/08/17   2015/12/10
P/1998 QP54 Comet LONEOS-Tucker 1998/08/02   2015/12/26
C/2013 C2 Comet Tenagra 2013/02/14 2015/08/31
C/1999 U2 Comet SOHO 1999/10/24 2015/12/03


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