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List of Comets in 2013



A Closer Look at Some Comets that will reach Perihelion in 2013

Between one hundred billion and two trillion comets are thought to exist in our solar system. As of April 18, 2015, only 3,845 comets have been observed and named. Let's take a closer look at some comets that became visible to the naked eye in 2013 or were otherwise newsworthy.



Comet PANSTARRS could refer to any one of the hundreds of comets discovered by the Panoramic Survey Telescope and Rapid Response System atop Haleakala in Maui. One of its discoveries (C/2011 L4) was a naked-eye comet visible in both the southern and northern hemisphere in early 2013.
Comet Lemmon    
The Mt. Lemmon Survey (MLSS) has discovered more Potentially Hazardous Asteroids (PHAs) than any telescope on Earth. MLSS has also discovered comets. On March 23, 2012 images from MLSS captured a 20.7 magnitude comet (C/2012 F6). It reached perihlelion on March 24, 2013.
Comet Encke    
Comet Encke (2P/Encke) orbits our Sun once every 3.3 years, which is the quickest known orbit of any comet. The Taurids and Beta Taurids, which are meteor showers occuring each November and June, are believed to be the remains of the dust trail left by Comet Encke. Binoculars could be used to spot this comet, before its perihelion, beginning in late September of 2013.
Comet ISON    

On September 24, 2012 it was announced that we had a 2 mile (3 km) wide visitor in our solar system between Jupiter and Saturn in the constellation of Cancer. Comet ISON (C/2012 S1) had the potential to be as bright as a full moon in early December of 2013...if it could survive perihelion on November 28, 2013. Unfortunately it did not. The vast majority of the comet's nucleus evaporated in the Sun's corona.


SOHO Comets    

Dozens of tiny comets, known as sungrazers or sunskirters, returned to tightly orbit the Sun in 2013, but they were only be visible from space observatories like SOHO and LASCO. The general public can comb through movies and images captured by SOHO, attempting to discover the next comet. It's not as impossible as it sounds, a comet is discovered every three days on average.





A List of all Comets that will reach Perihelion in 2013

All comets no matter how faint, provided they experienced their perihelion in 2013, are listed below alongside the day of discovery, perihelion, orbital period, diameter and apparent magnitude. Each column is sortable. Simply click on the arrows at the top of each column.




Formal Name

Informal Name Discovery







C/2011 F1 Comet LINEAR (2011 F1) 2013/01/08 10
111P/Helin-Roman-Crockett Comet Helin-Roman-Crockett 2013/01/10 19
259P/Garradd Comet Garradd 2013/01/25 20
246P/NEAT Comet NEAT (246P) 2013/01/28 12
C/2000 R2 Comet LINEAR (2000 R2) 2013/02/02 21
C/2012 C1 Comet McNaught 2013/02/04 18
133P/Elst-Pizarro Comet Elst-Pizarro 2013/02/09 18
125P/Spacewatch Comet Spacewatch (125P) 2013/02/17 19
120P/Mueller Comet Mueller 2013/02/22 19
C/2007 T2 Comet Kowalski 2013/02/25 19
C/2004 F1 Comet NEAT (2004 F1) 2013/02/28 19
91P/Russell Comet Russell 2013/03/01 15
C/2011 L4 Comet PANSTARRS (2011 L4) 2013/03/10 4
C/2006 S1 Comet Christensen (2006 S1) 2013/03/17 21
256P/LINEAR Comet LINEAR (256P) 2013/03/17 17
C/2012 F6 Comet Lemmon 2013/03/24 9
197P/LINEAR Comet LINEAR (197P) 2013/03/24 17
C/2012 F2 Comet PanSTARRS (2012 F2) 2013/04/10 18
63P/Wild Comet Wild 2013/04/13 15
C/2002 R4 Comet SOHO (2002 R4) 2013/04/13 2
76P/76P/West-Kohoutek-Ikemura Comet West-Kohoutek-Ikemura 2013/05/07 16
C/2012 L2 Comet LINEAR (2012 L2) 2013/05/09 13
114P/Wiseman-Skiff Comet Wiseman-Skiff 2013/05/13 16
C/2010 S1 Comet LINEAR (2010 S1) 2013/05/20 15
C/2012 K6 Comet McNaught (2012 K6) 2013/05/21 16
C/2010 A2 Comet LINEAR (2010 A2) 2013/05/23 20
175P/Hergenrother Comet Hergenrother 2013/05/23 17
C/2002 R1 Comet SOHO (2002 R1) 2013/06/01 2
275P/Catalina Comet Catalina 2013/06/04 16
C/2005 YQ Comet LINEAR (2005 YQ) 2013/06/05 19
112P/Urata-Niijima Comet Urata-Niijima 2013/06/24 18
C/2003 U2 Comet LINEAR (2003 U2) 2013/06/29 19
26P/Grigg-Skjellerup Comet Grigg-Skjellerup 2013/07/06 14
C/1997 C1 Comet Gehrels 2013/07/08 16
46P/Wirtanen Comet Wirtanen 2013/07/09 11
178P/Hug-Bell Comet Hug-Bell 2013/07/23 18
84P/Giclas Comet Giclas 2013/07/23 16
C/2012 B1 Comet PanSTARRS (2012 B1) 2013/07/23 17
184P/Lovas Comet Lovas 2013/07/28 15
C/2006 K2 Comet McNaught (2006 K2) 2013/08/02 18
98P/Takamizawa Comet Takamizawa 2013/08/05 15
79P/du Toit-Hartley Comet du Toit-Hartley 2013/08/23 16
266P/Christensen Comet Christensen (266P) 2013/08/31 21
102P/Shoemaker Comet Shoemaker (102P) 2013/09/01 13
121P/Shoemaker-Holt Comet Shoemaker-Holt 2013/09/08 15
C/2002 Q8 Comet SOHO (2002 Q8) 2013/09/10 2
C/2002 S11 Comet SOHO (2002 S11) 2013/10/26 2
83D/Russell Comet Russell 2013/11/07 18
C/2007 C1 Comet Christensen (2007 C1) 2013/11/16 20
2P/Encke Comet Encke 2013/11/21 6
C/2005 L1 Comet McNaught (2005 L1) 2013/11/24 16
C/2012 S1 Comet ISON 2013/11/28 4
C/2012 A1 Comet PanSTARRS (2012 A1) 2013/12/02 19
C/2004 H2 Comet Larsen 2013/12/11 20
145P/Brewington Comet Brewington 2013/12/12 10
C/2003 S1 Comet NEAT (2003 S1) 2013/12/16 17
C/2011 J2 Comet LINEAR (2011 J2) 2013/12/25 14




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