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Comet Blanpain

Comet Blanpain



The Discovery of Comet Blanpain (289P / Blanpain)

On November 28, 1819 Jean-Jacques Blanpain discovered a comet. The short-period Jupiter-Family comet was designated C/1819 W1. After this apparition the comet was "lost" and remained unobserved for nearly 200 years. It was renamed D/1819 W1, meaning it was "D"isappeared or "D"ead.


In 2003, an asteroid was discovered. It was named 2003 W25. In 2005, David Jewitt took another look at 2003 W25. Its orbital path and period matched that of the lost comet C/1819 W1. It also had a faint coma, meaning it probably was an nearly-exhausted comet. The object was officially renamed Comet 289P/Blanpain in July of 2013.








How Long does Comet Blanpain take to orbit the Sun?

Comet Blanpain is classified as a Jupiter Family Comet. It takes 5.32 years to orbit the Sun (JPL, 2014).




Comet Blanpain’s Next Perihelion

The next perihelion of Comet Blanpain will occur on August 28, 2014.



orbit of comet blanpain



The orbital path of Comet Blanpain (289P / Blanpain)

Credit: JPL composited by Kevin Curran




Size of Comet Blanpain (289P / Blanpain)

The size of Comet Blanpain is unknown.